• The Golden Years
    Retirement planning should begin early in life
Getting Old The smart way
The Inevitability of Aging

While growing old is inevitable, not everyone is prepared for it. Not just in the sense of not being ready to give up energetic activities in exchange for brittle bones and memory (or hair) loss. But there's also another aspect that's often overlooked; the Old Age Bucket List. A list of items that need to be settled and decided before approaching retirement, or close to it.

Planning for Retirement

To most people, retirement is a long-term plan in the making that is constantly being adjusted to suit the retiree's ideal lifestyle and financial needs. But to others, retirement can be a terrifying concept of losing all physical functions and having no power. To avoid difficulties, it is important to map out retirement expectations and desires long before getting old and follow a plan to reach those goals.

Writing Your Will

The will most people think about is the Last Will and Testament which focuses on what happens to someone's possessions after they die. But a Living Will can be written to determine financial dealings and what kind of medical care an older person may desire if they become unable to communicate it. If unsure what things should be specified in the wills, an estate planning attorney can help fill in the blanks.

Securing Medical Care

Even if someone is currently at the peak of their health, it is always good to look forward and determine what kind of medical care will be received when they are older. Family Medicaid planning can help reduce the stress of covering future medical bills. Establishing a Miller Trust along with Medicaid can help provide a small source of income for those who may not normally qualify for Medicaid.

Aging Isn't Helplessness

A common fear most people have about becoming old is the lack of control they have over their living situation, medical issues, and financial difficulties. The best way to deal with this anxiety is to plan ahead and make new connections toward progress at every turn, submit all fears and worries to people who can actually help make a difference, and don't be too afraid to make changes when necessary.